Muhsen Digital News Is Website Tv In Pakisan Fastest Breaking News And The Most Interesting Stories From Pakistan And Around The World

Muhsen Digital News Is Launched at August 14th,2014

Muhsen Digital News is Pakistan’s first HD News Web Channel. It has 24 hours transmission with 24 Headlines, 8 News Bulletins, Current Affair, Crime Shows & Religious programs. Muhsen Digital News has state of the art technology and has the honor to introduce Different Technology for the Every time in Pakistan.

Muhsen Digital News is also the first Web channel in Pakistan to offer HD Quality Live Streaming for its viewers and a Video Library where users can enjoy HD quality archived videos. Having the best Journalist & Technical Team on-board Muhsen Digital News has one of the fastest growing viewership across Pakistan with the trust of fastest and most accurate reporting.

Apart from Journalist team we have best available professionals, who were self-starters but are now masters in their respective fields to collaborate an effective workforce, and a well-rounded, complementary & competent team to work together.

We at Muhsen Digital News encourage and welcome, creative as well as innovative ideas. We also believe in collective wisdom, which provides the opportunity to team Muhsen Digital News to highlight individual efforts as team contribution for the growth of the Channel.

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